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The History of Landscaping

We’ve talked about the Origins of Landscaping. Today, we’re going to expand on the history of this natural art. The use of both softscaping and hardscaping elements is popular for gardens, lawns, and backyards. Did you know, though, that even it seems the landscaping industry is a relatively new industry in North America, having gained[…] Read More

How Landscaping Helps Sell Homes

It is common for home sellers to focus more on upgrades inside their homes, rather than outside before listing them for sale. However, upgrading your home’s landscape will boost its curb appeal and add value to your home. It also could save you money on your utilities bills, too, which is a plus for potential[…] Read More

Desert Plant Spotlight: Fairy Dusters

As low-water landscape plants for the Arizona desert go, fairy dusters are well worth considering. They fascinate out-of-towners nearly as much as cacti and succulents do. Named for the delicate, poofy flowers, this low maintenance shrub comes in two popular varieties. Baja Fairy Duster or Red Fairy Duster This medium-sized shrub has tiny, bright green[…] Read More

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