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Herbs in the Landscape

Herb gardens offer rustic charm and literal flavor when planted outside the kitchen, but large-scale landscaping with herbs creates a sensory experience worth exploring. Here are 5 ways you can use herbs in desert landscapes: Rosemary This fragrant plant grows as a medium-sized shrub, with both upright and hanging varieties. Left to grow naturally, it[…] Read More

Time for Roses in Phoenix

Here in Phoenix, we’re lucky to have two peak blooming seasons for roses: one in spring, and one in fall. By no means native to the desert, they nonetheless thrive if taken care of properly. Heat-tolerant and drought-resistant varieties far better than others. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Planning a Rose[…] Read More

Using Green in the Landscape

When people think about color in landscape plants, they often think about flower colors rather than foliage. Professional landscapers consider how plants will look throughout their lifecycle. That includes seasonal blooms, whether the plant remains evergreen or drops leaves, foliage, and surrounding features like gravel or surrounding buildings. Using Green in Xeriscape In xeriscape, many[…] Read More

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