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Winter Flowerbeds and Container Annuals

From October until May, Phoenix residents enjoy a long growing season for flowers. Landscaping with flowers in Arizona requires experience with our unique climate. Many flowers planted as annuals in Arizona, such as larkspur, are considered perennials in more temperate zones. Winter Flower Landscape Design Winter flower options range from xeriscape plants to tropical plants[…] Read More

Landscape Maintenance Before Arizona Growing Season

Despite the wild bougainvillea branches twining energetically upwards, winter is not considered one of our major growing seasons. Many shrubs, succulents, and cacti go dormant. Irrigation systems are hibernating because xeriscape plants do better with dry soil during cold weather or a frost. And yet, we still have plenty to do. Winter Landscaping in Arizona[…] Read More

Frost Protection and Preparing for Arizona Winter

November is the time to begin preparing your Arizona landscape for winter. Here is how you can make sure your garden is prepared for the weather change: Frost Protection Plants that are sensitive to frost need to be protected, so make sure you have something you can put on them when the temperature dips down to[…] Read More

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