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Expert Designs by Experts in Irrigation

To those who don’t have a trained eye for landscaping, all grass looks the same. But to the expert irrigation technicians at Victor’s Landscaping, Inc., there are many variables that impact a system’s design. We consider the lawn’s shape, the landscape layout, soil type and density, weeds, and water conservation.

Effective Irrigation System Management

According to the EPA, a commercial irrigation system can waste up to 6,300 gallons of water per month. There are two ways to conserve water; one way is using water sparingly and the other is to use it more effectively. To prevent waste, a system can be programmed to engage at certain times of the day and can be adjusted for time of day and length of cycle as the seasons change. We utilize some of the most advanced water saving delivery devices in our designs including point source emitters and multi-stream sprinkler nozzles to ensure that water is being placed where it is most effective.

System maintenance is a key component to water conservation and your irrigation system needs regular maintenance and inspections. Victor’s Landscaping, Inc. can perform regular inspections to ensure problems are identified as soon as possible to prevent water waste and to protect the health of your landscape.

Additionally, we can make seasonal changes to your watering schedule which can go a long way to reducing water waste and lowering your water bill.

Reduced Costs with Victor’s Landscaping, Inc.

Managing budgets is top priority for most businesses and communities and we know you want the biggest bang for your buck. The irrigation experts at Victor’s Landscaping, Inc. can help your company manage water costs by efficiently managing your system to reduce water usage while maintaining a healthy landscape.

We can design and install an irrigation system from scratch, or evaluate your current system –pinpointing inefficiencies and making changes to reduce water waste. Our SmartScape and Sustainable Landscape Certified Irrigation Specialists monitor and make timely adjustments to your irrigation programs. Plus, we’re always on call to handle emergencies and make necessary repairs.

We’re committed to conserving water. Use water wisely to save money on your water bill.

Be Water Wise

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