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Shade creation ideas for landscaping

In a hot, dry climate like we have in Arizona, shade landscaping is very important both residentially and commercially. If you or your customers plan to spend time outside, you need to have shade and shelter to give people a break from the heat and sun.

Natural Shade Landscaping Ideas

 In many cases, when people think of shade landscaping ideas, they immediately think of trees. Trees are a great way to create natural shade, but mature trees can be challenging to grow in this climate. If you do decide to go with trees as a natural shade landscape idea, make sure you can handle the amount of water required to keep these trees going.

There are a surprising amount of desert plants that are adapted to the shade, and even smaller trees and shrubs can block some of the light of the sun around a sitting or resting area. You may not necessarily need a lot of height to create shade, depending on your yard, so do not rule out n natural shade landscaping even in a warm desert climate.

Hardscaping Shade Landscape Ideas

Hardscaping is great for both residential and commercial landscaping, where plants will not grow or where people prefer the more low maintenance aspect of something that is not living.

To create shade landscaping through hardscaping, you need to install structures that block the sun. This could be as simple as a decorative wall, or a trellis or arbor that itself can be a space to add in natural plants.

You can include structures within your landscape, both for residential and commercial landscaping, that are larger and more permanent, too. Gazebos, pergolas, and shelters are a great place to set up a seating area, or a place to eat outdoors. If you build these structures into your landscaping and blend them in well, they will be both decorative and purposeful.

Save Energy with Shade Landscaping

If you carefully incorporate shade landscape ideas into your residential or commercial landscaping design you can actually cut down on energy expenditures. By setting up shade so that it blocks the sun from the interior of your home or workplace, too, you can make your indoor environment more comfortable. This cuts down on the cost required to cool your home with an air conditioner, fans, or other expensive means.


In Arizona, shade is always a great idea. If you are looking for ways to incorporate shade into your landscape design you can always contact commercial landscapers for additional ideas and inspiration!

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