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July is Smart Irrigation Month

Sprinkler Systems

Being the hottest month of the year, July marks high demand for outdoor water use, which is why water conservation organizations have dedicated it as smart irrigation month. Here’s what you need to know about different kinds of irrigation and how you can save water this summer.

Types of Irrigation

Sprinkler Systems

  • Cover large areas
  • Works best if you water early in the morning to reduce evaporation rate
  • Should be turned off if you’re getting enough water from rain showers

Manual Sprinklers

Requires you to open the valve, time the watering yourself, and then shut off the flow.

Automatic Sprinklers

  • Offer programmable controllers
  • Need to be set correctly and adjusted as conditions change

TIP: if water runs off your yard, split your watering times into two or more sessions.

Drip Irrigation

  • Work well for small yards or individual plants
  • Works well for mulched areas because it can directly soak the soil without washing away the mulch
  • Supplies 1-4 gallons of water per hour directly to the soil
  • Loses little water

Hand Watering

  • Avoids over watering easily
  • Controls the flow using a nozzle


  • Stop watering once you notice the area is no longer absorbing water
  • After watering, plunge a long screwdriver into the ground to see if the soil is moist to a depth of 6 to 10 inches

Smart Irrigation

Many commercial business and residential home owners are using smart irrigation controllers to conserve water. Smart irrigation can:

  • Make decisions on when and how much to irrigate
  • Utilize local weather stations (some through wi-fi)
  • Use soil-moisture sensing technology
  • Be operated from a smartphone or tablet

Checking on Your Sprinklers

When inspecting the quality of your sprinklers, be sure to look for:

  • Low sprinkler heads
  • Misaligned nozzles
  • Excess pressure that may cause overspray and run-off

Victor’s Landscaping is dedicated to helping Arizona residents use conservative irrigation methods. Need commercial or residential irrigation services? Contact Victor’s Landscaping.

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