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Ideas for a Low-Maintenance Landscape Design

One thing that can prevent people from bringing their beautiful landscape ideas to life is the thought of intensive landscape maintenance. Many people think that landscape maintenance in Scottsdale will take over large amounts of their time and resources, making a landscaped yard not worth the effort.

However, some landscape ideas lend themselves to low maintenance requirements. If you set up a low maintenance landscape design for your home or business, you can enjoy all of the benefits of beautiful surroundings without having to commit a lot of time or effort to upkeep.

Xeriscaping: Easy Landscape Maintenance for Scottsdale

Xeriscaping is the art of creating a landscape that does not draw a lot of water. For desert climates, like we have in Arizona, this is a great way to cut back on landscape maintenance requirements.

With a xeriscape, native and imported plants that do not require a lot of water and are naturally drought resistant are the highlight of your yard. These plants work well with the natural amount of local rainfall, so you do not need to expend any more effort in watering. In the summer time, these plants thrive on their own, and in winter they essentially require no care at all.

For someone looking for landscape ideas in Arizona, xeriscaping offers a great way to embrace natural surroundings with low maintenance requirements. People will be in awe of your yard, and you can sit back and enjoy all of the natural beauty without ever worrying about keeping a regular maintenance schedule.

Non-Living Landscape Ideas

A landscape does not have to be full of various living plants. If you want a low maintenance plan, you can use a lot of natural features that require little to no upkeep.

In Arizona, many people mimic the southwest style with features like rock, decaying wood, and tile. These non-living features work well to create texture and interest without a heavy maintenance burden.

By combining these non-living features with a few plants that thrive well on their own, you can balance out your landscape so it looks good without a lot of work. Talk to your landscaper about creating a low maintenance environment that will add a lot to your home or business without forcing you to commit all of your spare time to upkeep.

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