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Courtyards and Outdoor Rooms

Courtyards are areas, often surrounded by a building or complex, that are open to the sky. They’re considered the original outdoor rooms, stemming from Roman, Middle Eastern, and ancient Chinese architecture. In the past, they were primarily used as meeting places. Today, homeowners are using outdoor living spaces to unwind or entertain friends and family. Yes, even in hot Arizona.


If you’re thinking about building a courtyard or outdoor room, you’re probably thinking about shade. It’s pointless to have an outdoor living space if it’s too hot to step out the door. Your exterior living space needs to incorporate cooling methods that actually encourage you to leave your house.

You can be creative when shading your outdoor room. Canopy shades, multiple umbrellas, wooden pergola shades, and even shade sails are just some of the shades you can incorporate.


Understandably, the primary reason homeowners pursue an outdoor living space is to entertain family and friends with a fun, grilled dinner. Today’s outdoor kitchens come with more than a barbecue pit. They can include sinks, counter tops, drawers, refrigerators, stoves, and ovens. A popular feature is specifically brick ovens for pizza!


Seating can be the most creative part of outdoor living design. You can arrange seating around a fire place or pit, near a water feature such as a bird feeder or water fall, or surrounding your pool. Designing seating around a pool is a popular choice because it’s another option to help your family stay cool during the summer.

With outdoor living areas, the space can be as unique as you are. Some homeowners put in a theater system, and others are satisfied with just a few furniture pieces. Whatever your vision, Victor’s Landscaping can make it happen. Contact us today and speak to our experts about your landscaping needs.

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