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Arizona Landscaping Trends 2018

Landscaping is an ancient art that’s constantly evolving. Landscapers must seek out innovative and fresh designs while keeping our climate in mind. Here are landscape trends we’ve been seeing in the Grand Canyon State.

An Extension of Your Home

A huge trend we’re seeing is landscape design reminiscent of the indoors. Many house-owners utilize their backyard as an entertainment space beyond their living room. We’re not asking you to set up a tent near your garden. We’re suggesting your backyard feel like a home away from home.

Landscaping experts are seeing brick ovens that put your dad’s grill to shame and gorgeous seating arrangements surrounding stunning fire pits. Bring your family and friends together. Outside.

Wells in the Desert

One of landscaping’s hottest trends makes up more than 70% of the Earth—water. We live in Arizona, a fact that should be celebrated, not ‘put up’ with. Embrace plants you won’t find on the other side of the country: cactus, succulents, agave, oh my! Seek plants that require low water and are drought resistant. Maintaining your landscape design should never feel like an impossible burden.

Here’s a scrabble word for you—xeriscaping. It’s the art of landscaping with water conservation in mind. It may not rain much here, but your landscape design can incorporate irrigation methods to harvest rainwater.

Horticulture with Personality

Phoenix is famous for its desert Earth tones—soothing beige with spots of mellow green. That doesn’t mean you have to shy away from color. One of Arizona’s biggest landscaping trends these past few years is incorporating native colorful plants into design.


Angelita Daisy Arizona Yellow Bell Blue Palo Verde
Brittlebushes Chocolate Flower Creosote Bush
Desert Marigold Desert Milkweed Foothills Palo Verdeo
Golden Eye Ironwood Paperflower
Prairie Zinnia San Marcos Hibiscus Sweet Acacia


Bush Dalea Beavertail Prickly Pear Canyon Penstemon
Compass Barrell Engelmann’s Hedgehog Parry’s Penstemon
Pink Fairy Duster


Chuparosa Firecracker Penstemon
Globe Mallow Red Justicia


Blackfoot Daisy Littleleaf Cordia
Tufted Evening Primrose White Plumbago


Purple Prickly Pear Weeping Dalea

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