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Courtyards and Outdoor Rooms

Courtyards are areas, often surrounded by a building or complex, that are open to the sky. They’re considered the original outdoor rooms, stemming from Roman, Middle Eastern, and ancient Chinese architecture. In the past, they were primarily used as meeting places. Today, homeowners are using outdoor living spaces to unwind or entertain friends and family. Yes, even[…] Read More

Commercial Tree Care: Do You Need it?

Landscaping doesn’t stop after your tree is planted. Trees need to be pruned and cared for on a regular basis, for both aesthetic and health reasons. A tree that isn’t cared for can actually damage your commercial property and be a significant liability. You may be tempted to save a quick buck by forgoing tree[…] Read More

5 Enchanting Walkway Ideas

Your house can look as if it’s been pulled from a fairytale with a walkway that leaves your neighbors in awe. Here are 5 garden walkway designs that will have your guests enchanted. Pebble Mosaic Nothing draws eyes better than mosaic pathways. These whimsical designs can be easily structured with colorful pebbles and create art[…] Read More

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