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Summer Flowers for Phoenix Landscapes

Love to have a garden with flowers blooming? Luckily, summer flowers for Phoenix landscapes come in a wide variety of colors. Many of them even continue blooming into the fall. Here are some of the top choices: Fanflower A purple flowering annual plant which blooms all season until a frost. Fanflowers are: Low maintenance, drought, and[…] Read More

Protect Your Plants from Heat Stress

Plants in the Greater Phoenix area face extreme heat. When the temperatures skyrocket, here are some things you can do to protect your plants from heat stress: Know When to Check One thing to remember is that some plants will protect themselves from heat by curling up, so check your plants during the cool part[…] Read More

How to Prepare Trees for Phoenix Monsoons

While experts are having a hard time predicting whether 2017 will be a strong weather year for the Phoenix region, they do agree you should prepare your landscaping now. Trees are greatly at risk during monsoons, and once a tree is damaged or uprooted by high winds, you may have a hard time saving it. The[…] Read More

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