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6 Flowering Landscape Plants for Arizona Winter

In Arizona, February is a time for flowers, and we don’t just mean Valentine’s day bouquets. These six landscape plants bring color to the low desert even during the winter. Penstemon Coral and red penstemon are the popular choices for Arizona landscapes. Tall stalks produce multiple, bell-shaped flowers. These rise from a tuft of foliage[…] Read More

Why Are Some Cacti Purple?

Purple Prickly Pear Cactus - Victors Landscaping

Have you ever been so cold, your fingernails turn purple? It’s kind of like that with cacti. A purple color in cacti is caused by cool and dry conditions. Turning purple is the plant’s way of responding to environmental stress. Succulents, agave, and aloe varieties also turn reddish, burgundy, or purple when exposed to stress. Whether[…] Read More

Fixing Soil for Landscape Success

Top Layer Soil - Victors Landscaping

With winter rain comes the opportunity to observe how your landscape drains. Where does water flow? Where do puddles form? Do your plants seem more green and lush after the rain, or do you notice issues with the foliage? Soil, water, and plant health are all related. A beautiful landscape starts with healthy soil. Landscaping[…] Read More

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