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Where did Landscaping Originate?

The practice of landscaping has been around for a long time. Right from the inception of agriculture, humans were aware of the importance of following natural patterns while growing crops and vegetation. In The Beginning The earliest traces of landscaping as we know it today are found in the remnants of the Mayan civilization. There[…] Read More

What is Commercial Landscaping?

What is Commercial Landscaping? Commercial landscaping involves the planning, designing, installation, and maintenance of aesthetically appealing outdoor business spaces. A beautiful working environment is known to increase output by the workers, attract more clients to the business and create a fresh atmosphere for improved employee health. Commercial landscapes are a little different from residential spaces.[…] Read More

Why Victors Landscaping for Commercial Landscaping Services?

Victors Landscaping Inc. is a leading commercial and residential landscaping company that serves the greater Phoenix area. Companies seeking commercial landscaping services should consider hiring the company for their landscaping needs. Here’s why: Professional service Victor’s Landscaping Inc. has qualified landscapers that provide ideas and execute any landscaping project. They can transform any business space[…] Read More

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