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Fall Landscaping Tips Phoenix

Seasonal landscaping tips that apply to the temperate regions of the country don’t really hold up in the desert southwest. While our fellow Americans rake leaves or run their leaf blowers hot, home gardeners in Phoenix plant vegetables for an abundant winter harvest. Commercial landscape designers select plants that show their colors and keep lush[…] Read More

Why Sustainable Landscape Certification Matters

When looking for help in developing or maintaining your Phoenix area landscape, it’s important to look for a company that has sustainable landscape management certification. Victor’s Landscaping is one of the companies that has earned Sustainable Landscape Management certification in Arizona. What is Sustainable Landscape Management? Sustainable landscape management is eco-friendly and seeks to use[…] Read More

Weed Control During Arizona Monsoon

While summer rains provide water for gardens to grow in southern Arizona, that same water allows weeds to grow. ┬áHere is what you need to know about weed control during Arizona monsoons: Ecology and Weed Control Weeds are not just eyesores that irritate your HOA, they also endanger our ecosystem. Invasive species can escape from[…] Read More

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