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Maintaining Low-Maintenance Cacti and Succulents

One of the best tips for beautiful Phoenix-area landscaping is to use low-maintenance cacti and succulents that provide unique visual displays year-round. These plants are already well-adapted to the desert climate, and as such they’re a staple of sustainable desert landscaping.  However, low maintenance does not mean no maintenance.  Here are some of the maintenance tasks[…] Read More

5 Tips for Summer Lawn Care in Phoenix

Especially in Arizona, sustainable landscaping requires limited water use. Of course, the best way to reduce the amount of water used on your lawn is to keep it small, or consider alternatives to grass such as gravel. That said, whether you own a home with a small putting green or a large commercial complex with several courtyards,[…] Read More

Alternatives to Invasive Landscape Plants in Arizona

Keeping the Arizona landscape beautiful and unique is a responsibility we all share.  One way you can help is to make sure your landscape does not contain invasive plants that crowd out native plants, disrupt ecological processes, and fuel fires.   Here are some common invasive landscape plants and some excellent alternatives: Invasive: Green Fountain[…] Read More

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