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Winter Flowerbeds and Container Annuals

From October until May, Phoenix residents enjoy a long growing season for flowers. Landscaping with flowers in Arizona requires experience with our unique climate. Many flowers planted as annuals in Arizona, such as larkspur, are considered perennials in more temperate zones.

Winter Flower Landscape Design

Winter flower options range from xeriscape plants to tropical plants to temperate zone favorites. Bougainvillea and fairy duster plants bloom during this season; so do hibiscus flowers, petunias, and pansies. Design a unified theme, or dedicate different zones of your property to different landscaping styles to give guests a range of sensory experiences.

Colorful borders and flowerbeds look striking against gravel. The size, texture, and color of the gravel works along with your buildings to create a background for the floral display.

Variations in height draw the eye across your landscape. Tall geraniums and snapdragons can lead down to short plants like daisies and ice plants. Planting in containers is another way to create variations in height.

Annuals vs. Perennials in Phoenix

Separating annuals from perennials protects the vulnerable new plants from competition. But, with proper spacing and care, annuals can be planted alongside perennials. Generally, annuals experience a longer bloom, and they can complement the foliage of surrounding plants that aren’t currently flowering. They look nice around cacti, which won’t bloom for a few more months, but landscapers must take care to avoid overwatering cacti especially during the winter.

Achieving Continuous Blooms

To make sure flowers bloom throughout the season, they need the appropriate amounts of nutrients and water. Deadheading, or removing spent blooms, is preferable to pruning because it allows flowers to grow back faster without injuring the plant.

Do you dream in flowers? From desert blooms to garden classics, flowers add focal color to any landscape. Contact Victor’s Landscaping, Inc. today to make your property colorful.

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