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Why Sustainable Landscape Certification Matters

When looking for help in developing or maintaining your Phoenix area landscape, it’s important to look for a company that has sustainable landscape management certification. Victor’s Landscaping is one of the companies that has earned Sustainable Landscape Management certification in Arizona.

What is Sustainable Landscape Management?

Sustainable landscape management is eco-friendly and seeks to use renewable or reusable resources. Frequently, this involves using recycled water and native plants. In addition, sustainable landscaping uses practices like:

  • Strategic plant selection, with a preference for low-resource, noninvasive plants.
  • Water-saving irrigation techniques.
  • Glass, rubber, wood, and tiles for mulch or paving stones.
  • Compost fertilizers.
  • Solar-powered lighting fixtures.
  • Integrated pest management.
  • Environmentally sensitive methods of pest and weed control.

Importance of Sustainable Landscape Management

Home and business landscapes may be beautiful to look at, but toxic to the environment if erosion and chemical runoff contaminates water and destroys local ecosystems. Moreover, overusing water and electricity and under using recyclable materials is not economically sustainable in the long run. Invasive species can create problems within your own garden, with the neighbors, and with the ecosystem, so it’s best to avoid them.

Why Does Sustainable Landscape Certification Matter?

Learning how to effectively and efficiently do sustainable landscape management for residential and commercial properties requires specialized training and knowledge. Moreover, understanding the best sustainable practices for Arizona requires geographically specific training. Many books and training materials about sustainable landscaping target more temperate climates, and those approaches do not work so well in the desert. Because of this, the Arizona Landscape Contractor’s Association (ALCA) has created a rigorous curriculum that landscaping companies must go through in order to be certified as knowledgeable in:

  • Reducing waste generation and pollution.
  • Encouraging maturity of plant material for healthy and efficient landscaping.
  • Following best practices for the “green industry” in Arizona.

That’s why Victor’s Landscaping has worked hard to obtain ALCA certification. Contact Victor’s Landscaping for help creating and maintaining a beautiful and sustainable landscape for your home or business.

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