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Where did Landscaping Originate?

The practice of landscaping has been around for a long time. Right from the inception of agriculture, humans were aware of the importance of following natural patterns while growing crops and vegetation.

In The Beginning

The earliest traces of landscaping as we know it today are found in the remnants of the Mayan civilization. There we see the earliest example of planning a society around the flora grown for use by people. Emphasis was placed on growing trees at strategic spots to provide shade and ventilation near houses, and crops were grown in set farming patterns that allowed optimal sowing and reaping.

The Origin of The Word Landscaping

The word ‘Landscape’ itself was first used around the turn of the sixteenth century to refer to paintings of natural scenery. Not until the turn of the 20th century was it used to refer to the design of physical outdoor spaces.

Modern Landscaping

Of course, even if the term is relatively new, the work of landscaping was being performed in every part of the world where civilization spread its wings. Those early global influences solidified into the profession of landscaping as it is known today, when Landscape Architecture was recognized as a profession in the twentieth century.

The work of prominent landscapers including Garret Eckbo and Dan Kiley helped popularize the profession in modern times. Now, sustainable landscaping has taken center stage as experts consider new ways to honor nature.

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