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Weed Control During Arizona Monsoon

While summer rains provide water for gardens to grow in southern Arizona, that same water allows weeds to grow.  Here is what you need to know about weed control during Arizona monsoons:

Ecology and Weed Control

Weeds are not just eyesores that irritate your HOA, they also endanger our ecosystem. Invasive species can escape from yards and get into wildland areas. Buffelgrass and other non-native species can out-compete natives and invite wildfires.  When the fire is over, the saguaros, cacti, cholla, and ocotillo can disappear from our beautiful landscape.

Sustainable Landscape Management

The first line of defense for weed control is sustainable landscape management. This involves noninvasive plant selection to make sure your garden is planted with species that won’t create a problem, and ongoing maintenance so that weeds are quickly removed before they create seedheads. Using native species in your garden can prevent weed problems and also provide shelter for insects, birds and wild life.

Weed Control Strategies for Arizona Landscapes

Spraying for weeds may seem easy, but it is not the most effective strategy because it can create herbicide-resistant weeds. Overapplication creates polluted runoff, and spraying weeds that grow next to desired plants might harm the desired plants as well.

Instead, pulling weeds up and making sure you get the entire plant and root is the most sustainable landscape management technique.  While pulling out the weeds by hand initially takes more time, it can prevent the spread of weeds and more work later on. It’s easier to pull weeds out of moist soil – dry, clay soils can create an effect like cement – so at least the monsoon gives us a break in that respect. Thorns and goatheads (from the aptly named puncturevine) make garden gloves a requirement if you are pulling weeds.

If you need help with weed control at your home or business, call the professional sustainable landscape management team at Victor’s Landscaping for a consultation.


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