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Utilizing Scale, Color and Shape in Your Front Yard

If you’re browsing through front yard landscaping ideas, there may be a few that jump out at you, even if you don’t fully know why. The things that look good to people are often related to scale, color, and shape. Front yard landscaping ideas that focus on harmonizing these three things well, are the ones that look the most pleasing.

Landscaping companies in Mesa use scale, color, and shape in front yards to create a beautiful, welcoming environment.

Color is a big part of creating a certain mood or feel in your front yard. Cool colors like green, blue, and purple can make for a calming, relaxing environment, while warm colors like red, pink, orange, and yellow are more vibrant and exciting, adding a cheerful look to your front yard. Unless you are aiming for a very bright and flashy yard, choosing a harmonious color scheme is a good idea! Features like landscape lighting can add a bit of color, too, throwing a splash of unexpected hue onto a design feature or highlighting a particularly beautiful shade.

Scale works in a similar fashion. Landscaping companies in Mesa will use low, small-scale items for a relaxing feel, or high, large-scale items for excitement. This works for natural features and man-made features.

Balance comes in various forms. An asymmetrical design should still be balanced, even if it is not an exact match all around – this is a looser, fun type of design. A perfectly symmetrical design is much more formal.

Put all together, these three design principles work in harmony to make your front yard landscaping look good. When done right, scale, color, and shape ensure that no part of your landscape plan clashes with itself, or with your home and surrounding structures. These principles work to keep a design looking good on its own and in the context of the rest of the space.

Hiring a landscaping company is an excellent way to ensure scale, color, and shape are all used well in your front yard. The design pros are very experienced in using these three principles of design in their landscaping work, so that your front yard will turn out just the way you’ve imagined without veering too closely to something that is boring, or on the other side of the spectrum, chaotic!

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