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Urbanize Your Backyard

Phoenix landscaping companies have great ideas for your backyard.  Backyard landscaping in a climate like Arizona, gives you another living space that is available to enjoy year round.

A beautifully landscaped back yard is one element of urbanizing, creating an outdoor kitchen is another, and dining room is another.  Imagine a place where you can enjoy a meal or have a party in the midst of your splendid backyard landscape.

Bringing indoor comforts outside is easy in Phoenix, and landscaping companies can help you make your backyard an extension of the house.  The trick is to make your backyard landscaping look as though it was designed and built at the same time as the house.  Whenever possible, good landscaping companies in Phoenix use the same materials in your backyard that are in your home.  A good example, is matching the counter tops of an outdoor kitchen to those of the indoor kitchen.

A great patio is also a huge plus in backyard landscaping.  An outdoor living room designed to make outdoor living a real treat.  Choosing the right furniture for your outdoor living room means finding furniture that suits your style while being durable enough to withstand the elements.

Backyard ideas are numerous and with the help of a landscaping company, no matter the dimensions or location of your backyard, it can be made into a marvelous space.

Ideas include:

  1. Garden arbors in small or narrow gardens.
  2. Shade sails for blocking the sun. Best used with contemporary architecture.  Shade sails are great if you want shade in the summer and not in the winter because they can be removed.
  3. Retractable awnings reduce cooling costs by reducing heat gain by seventy-seven percent. They are retractable so no storage is required.
  4. Built-in fireplaces can be beautiful and are perfect for spaces too small for a full outdoor kitchen.

And of course, plants . . . your urban garden needs plants.  Work closely with a good Phoenix landscaping company to create a natural environment for outdoor living.  Landscape plantings bring color and fragrance to your backyard solving problems with beautiful living things.  A well designed planting plan increases, the quality and enjoyment, of an outdoor space. Work closely with a landscape designer to understand what types of plants will work in your space.  Know what the plants look like when they bloom, and be sure that you like their fragrance so you can enjoy each others’ company.

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