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Time for Roses in Phoenix

Here in Phoenix, we’re lucky to have two peak blooming seasons for roses: one in spring, and one in fall. By no means native to the desert, they nonetheless thrive if taken care of properly. Heat-tolerant and drought-resistant varieties far better than others. They come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Planning a Rose Garden

If you own a commercial property, having a peaceful rose garden could be a great draw for customers. For homeowners, there’s nothing quite like roses. Lady Banks Rose is a popular species that can be trained as a vine. It has white or yellow flowers. Some varieties do better in pots, and others perform just fine planted in the ground.

The universal requirements for roses are sunlight and water. Summer highs will damage their leaves. Winter frost can kill vulnerable plants, which is why it’s better to transplant roses in spring.

Care and Maintenance of Roses

Though notoriously high-maintenance, a well-managed rose garden can bring many seasons of happiness. At this time of year, you can encourage new blooms with light pruning, but we don’t recommend going crazy with the pruning. First of all, daytime temperatures still get hot, and your roses need their foliage (even the dry leaves) to shelter more delicate branches. Secondly, heavy pruning leaves plants more vulnerable to cold temperatures, pests, and disease. Save the heavier pruning for the growing season in spring.

Alternatives to Roses

If you’re concerned about water use or maintenance, you may prefer native plants. Bougainvillea is a popular flowing plant, for instance. Talk to a sustainable landscape designer to review your options.

Roses can be hard work, but they’re truly a labor of love. A professional landscaper can help you create and maintain your dream garden.

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