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The Art of Landscaping

Designing a unique landscape is an art that requires a plan.  Developing a master plan saves money, time and results in a successful design and implementation.  The design process considers the environmental conditions unique to Scottsdale and incorporates those conditions with your desires and the elements and principles of good landscape design.

Landscaping companies in Scottsdale organize the natural and man-made features in your yard into an aesthetic, functional, and environmentally sustainable landscape.

The landscape design process takes the following into consideration:

  1. Understand the site for plant selection and activity location
  2. Listen to the customer by considering what you want and need
  3. Use a form and/or style theme to help determine shapes and organize spaces
  4. Create and link spaces by designating activity areas and linking with elements
  5. Consider the function of plants for both the environment and the customer
  6. Structure the plantings by using massing and layering techniques
  7. Highlight important points such as transition areas and focal points
  8. Pay attention to detail in the materials, the colors, and the surface textures
  9. Take time into account for the growth and maintenance of plants
  10. Protect your resources by using sustainable design practices

The role of plants in a design is a huge consideration as well.  From a design perspective plants have three major functions: aesthetic, structural and utilitarian.  Aesthetically plants create visually pleasant environments while structurally plants organize and design spaces.  Plants in a design are utilitarian because they can transform the environment in your outdoor space by modifying light, temperature and humidity.  Plants also clean the air, prevent erosion, soil loss, retain moisture and return organic to the soil.

A beautiful yard with well-designed landscape lighting is an important natural resource that adds value to your life and to your home.  Important things to remember to create an aesthetically pleasing, functional and sustainable design include:

  1. Working with a landscape company.
  2. Putting ideas on paper to co-create a design plan.
  3. Identify and understand your space and needs and communicate them to your landscape company.
  4. Select a theme to guide decisions.
  5. Create spaces that serve as outdoor rooms.
  6. Use plants and landscape lighting to create the walls, ceilings and floors of the rooms, creating a physically comfortable micro climate.

This is a private green space in which you can live while having a positive impact on the environment in your neighborhood.

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