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Protect Your Plants from Heat Stress

Plants in the Greater Phoenix area face extreme heat. When the temperatures skyrocket, here are some things you can do to protect your plants from heat stress:

Know When to Check

One thing to remember is that some plants will protect themselves from heat by curling up, so check your plants during the cool part of the day so that you don’t mistake your plant’s natural protection system for stress.

Recognize Signs of Stress

Generally, plants show they are having a problem with the heat by:

  • Wilting leaves.
  • Leaf drop, especially in trees, which is a way to conserve water.
  • Not blooming, or dropping blossoms.
  • Fruits and vegetables won’t produce a crop.

Water Frequently and Thoroughly

Especially if your plants are showing signs of heat stress, or preferably before they show symptoms, you need to make sure that they are receiving enough water.

  • Water daily or even twice a day in very high temperatures.
  • Deep water to encourage root growth deep into part of the soil that doesn’t dry out so fast in the heat.

Protect Plants from Heat

Protect your less drought tolerant plants by:

  • Mulching.
  • Using shade plants or trees as a cover.
  • Setting up shade cloth.
  • Putting water granules in pots that will absorb water and release it more slowly.

Want to give your plants the best chance of making it through the hot weather? Victor’s Landscaping has extensive experience in the Phoenix area caring for home and business landscapes in all types of weather.

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