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Maintaining Bermudagrass in Arizona

Bermuda grass is a popular choice for residents living in Arizona. It’s a type of grass that needs sunlight and dies in shade, which is perfect for a state that easily reaches 110° weather in July. However, just because Bermudagrass is made for our type of climate, doesn’t mean it doesn’t require attention. Here’s how you can make sure your Bermudagrass lasts this summer.

Grass Killers

Bermudagrass requires six hours of direct sunlight per day. This sounds great in Arizona, but any amount of shade can prove deadly for this type of grass.

Shade from Trees

Some of the biggest culprits of Bermudagrass death are trees. Large, thick tree canopies can block the sun and kill huge amounts grass underneath. Homeowners should not only maintain their Bermudagrass but ensure surrounding plants don’t create too much shade.

Buildings and Vehicles

If you’re noticing that the grass right around your driveway is dying, your car may have something to do with it. Anything that creates shade, including houses and vehicles, can kill your grass.

Over Watering

Yes, water can in fact be too much of a good thing. In the summer, Bermuda grass only needs to be watered every three days. Watering this type of grass daily actually kills it. July is monsoon season meaning you may have to water it even less.

Solutions to Dead Grass

Your issue may not be how to keep your Bermudagrass from dying, but what to do with the dead patches you already have. Your options are turf conversions.


If you can’t get rid of your shade, you can replace the area with sod. This will need to be done every three years.


Other options include turfgrass to decompose granite or synthetic turf conversion of the area.

Professional Landscaping

Consulting with a landscape contractor is the smartest decision one could make after noticing dead grass. They may suggest:

  • Thinning tress
  • Keeping the area free of fallen leaves and debris
  • Avoiding excessive use of fertilizer
  • Cutting the shaded grass at an elevated mowing light

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