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Landscaping Where Grass Won’t Grow

Just because you do not have grass, doesn’t mean you cannot have a beautifully landscaped yard. Desert landscape design is a great way to increase your curb value and beautify your home or businesses in places where grass won’t grow.

Our landscape services in Scottsdale are tailored to the unique landscapes found in Arizona. We understand that a lot of conventional landscaping techniques and ideas are not well suited to a desert climate, and instead of trying to force things to grow, we work with what you have to create something amazing.

Save Money and Resources

Working with desert landscape design is also a great way to be environmentally friendly and budget conscious. Instead of wasting lots of water to nourish plants that do not grow in Arizona without a lot of help, we focus on native plants that flourish without a lot of assistance. This means you are saving on water, reducing your bills, and cutting down on resource wasting.

Desert landscape design also focuses on collecting natural rainfall when it occurs and using it wisely. Our drainage and irrigation systems are set up to work with your natural environment to make the most of what you have.

This method of landscaping is called xeriscaping, and we are experts in the field. Having offered our landscape services across Scottsdale we know exactly how to minimize water consumption while still making your property look amazing.

Matching Arizona Esthetics

 Desert landscape design should line up with the unique landscapes and esthetics of the area. Our landscape services in Scottsdale mirror the look of your home or business and its surrounding neighborhood, using materials like tile, stucco, and rocks to ensure that your landscaping does not stick out or look out of place.

From color choice to mulch selection desert landscape design takes all details, large and small, into consideration.

A lack of grass should not have to equal a plain, boring landscape. Let us transform your home or business into a southwestern oasis, built perfectly for your space, your weather and climate, and your own landscaping goals. We will transform your property into something amazing, while maximizing on the natural resources you already have. We’ll work with you to create the breathtaking landscape of your dreams. Who needs grass when you have high quality desert landscape design?

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