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Jaw-Dropping Landscape Designs

So you live in Gilbert and you want a landscape that will make everyone stand up and take notice.  One that is likely to be the envy of your neighborhood.

Now you ask yourself, how do I go about creating a jaw-dropping landscape design?  The first thing is to consult a professional landscaping company.

Unique landscapes like those found in Gilbert, require well-planned designs to make the best use of the natural landscape and terrain.  Sit down with a designer and tell them what you want.  They will help you understand what is possible in your space and what is not.

Landscaping companies understand the principles of landscape design which include the elements of unity, scale, balance, simplicity variety, emphasis and sequence.  These elements are interconnected with line, form, texture and color.

These elements combine to provide unique landscapes in the following ways:

  1. Unity provides focus and holds attention.
  2. Line connects and defines the space creating outdoor rooms.
  3. Form is determined by the line, direction, and arrangement of branches and twigs.
  4. Texture can be defined as the relationship between the foliage and twig size, and the mass of the plants.
  5. Color is powerful in creating mood and feeling.
  6. Scale evokes emotional connection and is closely related to color.
  7. Balance is equilibrium on left and right sides.
  8. Simplicity and variety work together to balance each other. Simplicity is degrees of repetition rather than constant change, creating unity.  Variety is diversity and contrast in form, texture, and color preventing monotony.

It is important to respect the unique elements of a place when designing a landscape.  In Arizona, a water conserving design is appropriate.  Good design that creates spectacular results, subordinates individual details to the overall design, thus creating a cohesive landscape that looks organic.

Sustainable design and environmental conservation are consideration in every truly spectacular landscape design.  Plant materials should be able to thrive, be non-invasive and require minimal maintenance.  A really good landscape design conserves the natural features of a site, to the greatest extent possible and practical, ensuring the continued ecological health of the area.

Practical aspects of design like adequate drainage, water and landscape lighting and other engineering considerations matter as much as arranging surface features and need to be considered in the overall design plan.

Creating a beautiful landscape requires ideas, time and planning.  The results are stunning and well worth the time, effort and money required to achieve them.

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