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How To Maintain Curb Appeal On a Tight Budget

Beautiful landscapes do not always have to be incredibly expensive! If you have a tight budget you can still enjoy an amazing landscape. Use these tips to create beautiful landscapes, while keeping most of your cash in your wallet.

 Paint Adds a Pop

 A small can of paint will not set you back a lot of money but can go a long way in freshening up your space. Try painting your front door a bright color, or adding a new shade to existing patio furniture. By changing the color of something you already have you will be updating your yard and adding curb appeal without having to spend heavily.

Clean Up Garden Beds

 Established garden beds add a lot of beauty to your home but they can become unkempt after a while. Take some extra time and clean up your garden area, pulling weeds, adding mulch, and tidying. Buy a few landscape pavers and re-edge the beds — it will not cost a lot of money but will instantly add a manicured look to what you already have.

Trim Back Trees and Shrubs

 Landscape maintenance goes a long way! If your trees and shrubs are overgrown your whole yard can look shoddy. By putting in a bit of extra effort in landscape maintenance your curb appeal will rise, and it is a super cheap way to do something for your yard. In the future, set up a regular landscape maintenance plan to make sure your trees and shrubs never become overgrown.

Container Plants – Cheap and Pretty

 Beautiful landscapes boast a wide variety of textures and colors. Container plantings are a wonderful way to add both without the expense of digging and maintaining garden beds. Buy some brightly colored or interesting containers, and plant inexpensive favorites in them. You can put them by your door, stack up landscape pavers for a higher pedestal, or move them around at your whim, adding color wherever your yard needs it.

Wash Your Surfaces

 Doors, windows, and even walls can get dirty over time. By scrubbing all of your outdoor surfaces you are uncovering accumulated grime and letting your home’s beauty shine through. A power washer can help with this, if you are dealing with large areas or a lot of dirt. Keep things clean, and your curb appeal goes up!

A beautiful first impression doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little bit of time, effort, and creative thinking you can have the most appealing house on your block.

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