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Family Friendly Backyard Space

When you have kids at home, a backyard space that is family friendly is very important not just for the enjoyment of your whole family, but for their safety, too. Backyard ideas for families have to take safety into consideration, as well as ensuring that every member of the family, younger or older, has a place they can enjoy.

Landscaping lighting is key to the safety of every family member. Proper landscape lighting eliminates or greatly reduces the risk of hazards like tripping and falling, especially around areas like pools and water features. Bright lights can be turned on and off based on need, but a family friendly backyard space should have various forms of landscape lighting at different heights and levels of brightness. Overall, a family friendly yard should be well-lit.

Other backyard ideas for a family friendly space include play areas for children. Whether your kids want a sandbox, a swing, or an entire playground set, landscaping companies in Phoenix can set up a fun yard that still looks aesthetically pleasing to the adults in the family. Kids’ play areas that focus on natural beauty are still a ton of fun, but blend into the yard nicely – so that children’s equipment – doesn’t stick out as the first thing someone sees when they walk into your outdoor space.

Landscaping companies in Phoenix can also develop fun features that allow for imaginations to soar, such as ‘secret’ garden areas, bridges over water features, or even a splash pad! Grown-up design choices like hot tubs and fire pits will work into the overall design scheme just as well, when you seek out the assistance of a pro that can ensure a good balance between traditional and fun. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of whimsy into your yard!

A backyard can be the center of family activities for years, if it is well-maintained and designed knowing that all members of the family will continue growing and changing. The best yards are ones that are designed to easily adapt to new interests, hobbies, and desires each year. Meet with a landscaping company and discuss what your family dreams of when they think of their backyard. When you are all enjoying fresh air, nature, and fun times together, you will be glad you put in the extra effort to develop the perfect space!

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