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Fall Landscaping Tips Phoenix

Seasonal landscaping tips that apply to the temperate regions of the country don’t really hold up in the desert southwest. While our fellow Americans rake leaves or run their leaf blowers hot, home gardeners in Phoenix plant vegetables for an abundant winter harvest. Commercial landscape designers select plants that show their colors and keep lush foliage through the winter season. With the proper landscape design in Phoenix, you can have blooms year-round.

Planting in Fall in Arizona

Most Arizona landscape plants should be planted during late winter through spring. A single frost can kill vulnerable transplants, especially those adapted to our hot climate. However, there’s something to be said for planting shrubs and trees in fall: during the colder months, these plants focus on root growth. When the temperatures rise in spring, they will literally spring up, sprouting branches and leaves to create a canopy that matches the root system.

Fall annuals add color to any landscape. Well-maintained annual beds can last through winter and well into spring. If your landscape started to look bleached by the heat of summer, when even the hardiest native plants can show signs of stress, you’ll welcome colorful annuals.

Fall Pruning in Arizona

Many homeowners ask if they should prune trees and shrubs once the weather cools down. As far as landscape maintenance goes, our job in the fall is mainly to remove major storm damage from the monsoon season. Cosmetic pruning should be kept to a minimum in order to retain outer branches and foliage that protect new growth. Even scorched leaves can provide shade for growth underneath.

Vegetable Gardens for Homeowners

Arizona homeowners and even renters can grow produce during the cooler months. A professional landscaper can help you design and place your plot, even if you want to prepare the soil and do the planting yourself. Many herbs and vegetables thrive during Phoenix winters, but some, such as basil, do poorly when it gets cold.

Adjust Irrigation Systems

Whether you own a home or business, you can rejoice that fall brings lower water bills as your plants demand less irrigation. New transplants and winter lawns will need somewhat frequent watering in order to establish, but the days of extreme thirst are now behind us.

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