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Backyard Avenue of Dreams

Dreaming of having a beautiful backyard?  Do you envision your backyard becoming a place where you can escape and spend the day reading or sun bathing, then have a romantic dinner outside? Above all you want to transform your backyard into a place that is a pleasure to be in, a place that smells good and looks good.

Here are some backyard ideas that can help you realize your dream.

  1. Integrate plants. Use vegetables and herbs along with your plants.
  2. Use different textures in your backyard.
  3. Use pots. Colorful decorative pots with fruit trees and shrubs are a wonderful addition to any backyard.
  4. Define an entrance. Whether it’s a stucco arch with a lovely gate or an arbor creating a corridor to your door, dramatic entrances speak volumes.
  5. Create spaces to sit and enjoy your garden.
  6. Plant herbs in pots as well as in your garden. They smell wonderful and are a feast for the taste buds.

When designing your backyard, plan in layers.  Think about the kinds of spaces you want and have them work from multiple points of view including, social, functional, artistic, spiritual, economic, hydrological, ecological, and climatological.  Form should follow function combining beauty and pleasure with functional realities.

Use a Mesa landscaping company who pays attention to the elements of design, including: line, shape, color, texture, tone, form, space and depth and the principals of visual art: movement, unity, harmony, variety, balance, contrast, proportion, pattern and rhythm.

After all, your backyard is a living, breathing piece of art that changes on a daily basis.  One that can provides outdoor spaces for eating and socializing, as well as simply rejuvenating.  Well-designed back yards provide areas of multi-functionality as well as serving as conservators of biodiversity.

Producing an aesthetically pleasing backyard landscape design requires envisioning exactly how you want your garden to look.  It is smart to get professional help, in the designing phase, as a professional will help you to understand how to create the spaces you want with plants that will thrive in Mesa planted in well-designed areas for outdoor living.  Developing a beautiful backyard landscape requires a well thought out design then rigorous physical labor to implement the design.  Maintenance requirements for the backyard should be built into the design as part of an overall design strategy.

So get started putting your dreams into action to create the perfect mix of ‘form follows function’ design so that you can spend more time outside.

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