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6 Questions about Tree Service – Standards of Care

Tree Care

You have a new house! Congratulations! Now, about those trees.

It’s not unusual for older Phoenix-area homes to have popular trees planted and running wild. Most people think that trees are just fine when left alone – after all, they’re trees! They put down roots, grow, and then boom! Instant shade for your home and yard. However, trees need looking after and a set of skills that you can only find with tree care services. Landscaping contractors often have tree care services in Phoenix either on call or as part of their business, but many do not. You may also hire a tree service independently of a contractor, but there are some specific things you need to ask to get the best care for your trees.

Getting the Right One

The Better Business Bureau has tips on hiring a legitimate tree service in Phoenix, but you should also know the right questions to ask about standards of care for your valuable trees.

  1. Can the company provide proof of insurance? If one of the workers should be hurt on the job, you could take a big financial hit.
  2. Do they have Arizona certified arborists on staff? Arborists should be certified to have the best possible training in local plants, trees, and shrubs.
  3. Do they have any professional memberships? There are a lot of organizations for landscapers and arborists. Not being affiliated with them could mean a lack of professional standards.
  4. What equipment are they using for your job and do they buy or rent their equipment? Companies that rent their equipment might be out of luck during busy times of the year or after storms.
  5. How many years have they been in business? Working with an experienced company with solid reviews and experience generally gets the best results.
  6. How do they propose to clean up your property after the work is done? If this is not stipulated in the contract, you could be left with a bigger mess than before you had the work done. Dumpsters and disposal fees should be included in the estimate.

Ask these questions along with gathering estimates on costs – sometimes the lowest bid is not the best or most honest bid. Phoenix landscape design and tree care is a specialty. Keeping your trees and plants in top condition with Victor’s Landscaping is one of the best investments you can make for the value of your property and its curb appeal. Get in touch and have a beautiful yard all year round.

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