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Tree Care in Monsoon Season and Year Round

Trees growing on our lawns and gardens depend on rain to thrive. As such, in times of less rain (a typical Phoenix day), the trees use up the moisture stored in soil. This leads to the trees being stressed and predisposed to pests, diseases, and even death.  Fortunately, there are several things one can do[…] Read More

What to Know Before Hiring a Professional Landscaper

You have a lot of front yard landscaping ideas, but want a professional to bring them to life. This is a common scenario for homeowners looking for some help with landscaping. But before you hire a professional landscaper you should know about a few ways to ensure you will get the best landscape design in[…] Read More

Shade creation ideas for landscaping

In a hot, dry climate like we have in Arizona, shade landscaping is very important both residentially and commercially. If you or your customers plan to spend time outside, you need to have shade and shelter to give people a break from the heat and sun. Natural Shade Landscaping Ideas  In many cases, when people[…] Read More

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